My Family


Here’s me and my hubby Andy right after we moved to Central New York. We were both just out of college, young and idealistic, very much in love.  For several years it


was just me and my man and our hound dog. That’s our old Walker hound Zeke, aka the Schlepenhundt. And then the boys came along:



Lyle Madden
Tristan Clark
and Elliot Hall


Of course, now they are all teenagers and look more like this:



  1. Gretchen said,

    You have a beautiful family, Maureen.

  2. Maureen said,

    Thanks, Gretchen! It took me a full thirty seconds to figure out who you were. I thought I had been SPAMmed!
    So, 25th reunion this summer. Are you going?

  3. andrea said,

    Maureen, great to put names with the faces of the nephews Kathleen talks so much about. and to see your likeness to her.

  4. Kitty Axelson-Berry said,

    Dear Mo,
    It’s been forever since I last saw you, visiting your farm in mud season or was it a hot spring day with perennial mud around? Called the other night (as you prob know) with Christine, who was visiting from CA, and Chowder called back soon after and I had an utterly delightful chat with him. Maybe that entire group of friends are Aspies? Just saw ADAM, which was a great movie altho I am sure that he was a more extreme case than other people I know. Like Chowder — I never realized this at all, not one bit. After all, my own husband (divorced three years ago) is/was a non-stop talker when not (perversely) tight-lipped. He proudly, very proudly, directed me to your blog.

    Anyway, just wanted to make the contact, tell you I’m fascinated by all of your writing and also your ability to combine it with visuals and music. Now we need touch, taste, smell, like in Harold and Maude.


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