Guest Movie Maker Elliot Bartlett

July 9, 2010 at 6:21 am (Art, Family, Films)

My brain has been so swamped with living my life that I have had no creativity left over for blogging. Hopefully, it will come back after this heat wave passes. In the meantime, luckily, my son Elliot has stepped in and allowed me to post his first movie. His beloved aunt challenged him to take the Bing Crosby version of “Dear Hearts and Gentle People” and create a video of Norwich, NY, our nearest “town,” which truly is one of those quintessential small towns. The story goes that Norwich was only allowed to incorporate as a “city” if it had a certain number of streets, so there are several streets that have different names on either side of an intersection. You will be driving along Borden Avenue, cross through an intersection, and suddenly be on Fair Street. Clever, those founding fathers!

Yes, although the boy is 12, this is very intentionally tongue-in-cheek. Elliot has a very sophisticated level of textual analysis and presentation. He recently read The Catcher in the Rye and noted that because the pace of the narrative was so much slower than the middle grade books he normally read, that Salinger was able to go more in depth about Holden’s thoughts and feelings and he liked this style, was planning to read more adult books. He’s twelve. Here’s the video.

And here is the young movie master. Be watching for him in years to come.

Couldn’t resist adding this one too:


  1. Liz in Virginia said,

    Hi, Maureen!

    I can’t get the video to play (which I suspect is more about my crappy computer than anything else), but I did want to say how glad I was to see a post from you! I was going through old stuff on my computer just yesterday and came across old messages from you and was missing you and wondering how you are . . . .

    I am amazed at how impressive a twelve-year-old can be. My sunny girl (now thirteen) says some amazing things.

    We’re lucky moms.

    — XOXO

  2. andrea moriarty said,

    Elliott, I love it! Can you do one of my hometown–Chagrin Falls, Ohio? It has a gazebo much like yours and a waterfall that teens jump (although it’s illegal). Perhaps the Norwich Chamber of Commerce would like to buy this from you for promotional purposes….Meet them at Nina’s to discuss:)

  3. Aunt Kathy said,

    Elliot –

    Everything about this is amazingly YOU! Your desire to make a movie. Your persistence in doing it on your own. Your heart’s view of Norwich. Your eye when getting shots. (One of my favorite things is the reflection of you in the windows as you are walking the streets to film.) Your ability to sequence and combine shots. Your mastering a new software. Your use of the effects that were available. Your choice of song. Your matching of scene to lyric. Your enthusiastic chats with me while working on it. Your HUGE heart and spirit and mind open to us all. (Not to mention your views on Catcher in the Rye.) So excited to hear your ideas about the next video. Your audience is waiting!

    Fierce love to my fierce nephew, Aunt K.

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