Movies by Lyle

Lyle created this one day when he was bored. I think it’s brilliant. He made it about three years ago, thus the spelling errors.

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  1. Aunt K said,

    Lyle, I have always loved your view of things.
    Exhibit 1: Anybody could speed up footage from their bedroom window. Only you would add ska, jazz, La Bamba, and credits to passing cars.
    Exhibit 2: Standing on a dock below Golden Gate Bridge, you gave each seagull a name and made movies of them.
    Exhibit 3: When I look through your window on my computer at the World of Winter, it reminds me of sitting beside you, in your room, looking through your computer at WOW.
    Thanks for letting me watch your channel throughout your life.
    I can’t wait to see what you will broadcast in coming seasons.
    Aunt K.

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