Unapologetic Bragging About My Kid!

December 17, 2009 at 1:41 pm (Family)

This is my son as Daddy Warbucks in Annie Jr. He was so good!


  1. Sher said,


  2. mlouhutson said,

    Love it!

  3. Mrs.B. said,

    They’re so cute!! That must have been fun to see your son perform.

    PS- Are you still joining the Greengage Summer read? I posted a reminder on my blog. Hope you’re still in!

  4. carrie said,

    Mo, I’d so have loved to have seen him in this!! He’s getting so handsome.

  5. thegirlfromtheghetto said,


  6. Mary said,

    Now that I’ve met him, I appreciate even more this picture! I hope that he gets back into acting soon, so I can see him in person!

  7. Tristan said,

    Wait…who met me?

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