About the Blogster

I was christened Maureen McCarthy (no middle name, my parents were tired). I grew up in Lockport, NY, hometown of Joyce Carol Oates, Timothy McVeigh, and the largest locks on the Erie Canal (thus the name). I graduated from Amherst College in 1989 and moved to East Pharsalia, NY, with my husband Andy. We have owned and operated a farm for the past twenty years. I have three teenage boys (Gads!). I am a teacher of too many things at DCMO BOCES.


  1. andrea said,

    Hi Maureen, Love the blog and am so glad we can be in direct touch this way. Cuts Kathleen out of the middle!!

  2. Sara & ALi from Sn Diego said,

    Hi Maureen,

    We have heard so much from you (Kathe joon did a good job!) and we r so thrilled to have a chance to see a video of ur farm and happy Cows! My grandfather used to keep a few cows after he retired and moved to a huge Orchard. I spend half of my childhood climbing up the cherry, apricot and mulberry trees and the other half I was eating the fruits I picked :O)

    They also had a Tandoor in the Orchard and I remember a few times when my grandmother backed fresh bread there! Goshhhh I miss al that..

    Many times we looked forward meeting you here in San Diego, but now I well understood. Kathe joon keeps saying you are busy and farm is unpredictable, … I am sure that It is not easy to raise such happy cows!

    We love you, even we have not seen you yet.. We hope to meet with you soon and we are definitely going to read your book chapters <:oD

    Say hi to ur curious traveler Tristan, we had a lovely breakfast here with Vivi and had a little adventure at Ferrari store!

    Love and peace,
    Sara & Ali

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