Literary Shot in the Arm

August 19, 2009 at 6:03 am (Book review, Gorgeous Writing, Writing) (, , , , , , )

Hey, writers! (and readers!)

If you are needing a shot in the arm to get you writing again or writing more or writing better (or reading again or reading more or reading better), the videos from the 2009 Colgate Writer’s Conference are now available on the CWC website and on Youtube.

This is Jennifer Brice, whose latest memoir is Unlearning to Fly.

This is Brian Hall, extraordinarily nice person, gifted writer, and my workshop leader.

This is J. Robert Lennon. I about peed my pants laughing during this talk.

This is the poet Peter Balakian.

This is Easter Island author Jennifer Vanderbes, my instructor two years ago.

This is Patrick O’Keeffe, about whom I posted in July.

These writers all also did readings from their work, also available on the CWC website. Ah, happy memories!


  1. Liz in Virginia said,

    I just love, love, love that you have posted these. I already listened to the first one and it confirmed my worst fears about the difficulty of writing without making people want to stick their fingers down their throats.

    I would love to load these on my iPod so I can listen to them while I poke around my house pretending to be productive — I don’t have the techno savvy to do it, though. Bummer — I’ll just have to make another cup of coffee and park my butt in front of the computer!

    Love you!

  2. Maureen said,

    Liz –
    I am glad you are enjoying them! If you listened to the first one, I am the person toward the end going on and on about Charles D’Ambrosio and the story “Dombey and Son.”

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