Trolling for Chinook on Lake Ontario

August 9, 2009 at 5:45 pm (Childhood, Films, Fishing, God, Ireland, Marriage, Music)

Here is a movie of the trip Andy, Elliot, and I took on Lake Ontario. This is Andy at his very happiest – fishing.

(Elliot gets the credit for the ending footage of waves.)

Great_Big_SeaThe song is “Wave Over Wave” by Great Big Sea, a band that I love from Newfoundland. All the guys in the band are Irish, Canadian, English majors, and play hockey. Could you ask for more? The guy on the left is Alan Doyle (sigh) who will be in the new Robin Hood movie to be released next year. He is at his most charming in this video of Great Big Sea and the Chieftains singing Lukey’s Boat. My second choice would be Sean McCann, playing bodhran: so stinkin’ cute.

But of course neither one is as charming as my hubbie!


  1. Linda said,

    How exciting! I was cheering when they pulled in the fish. I can see how that can be kind of addictive. And tasty too!

  2. Liz in Virginia said,

    Oh, Maureen — ! I love Great Big Sea — I mean l-o-o-v-e- them; my older two kids do too. I grinned the whole time I watched your movie — the song evoked the feeling those two fishermen were exuding perfectly.

    We have a framed photo in our house that I call “One Perfect Day;” it makes me particularly happy. Sometimes you can be having a lovely time, but you don’t truly grasp it while it’s happening (maybe because you’re too busy “doing”) — it dawns on you only in retrospect. But every once in a while, you realize while it’s happening you are in the middle of “one perfect day.”

    That’s my favorite kind of epiphany — aren’t you glad you caught one on camera?!

    Love you!
    — Liz

  3. Maureen said,

    OK. We seem to be the same person living in two different states. I have met very few Great Big Sea junkies. I was just looking at the Great Big Sea website and they are in Vienna, VA on August 21. Is that near you?
    They are in Buffalo the first week of September. I might need to go. Is Harrisburg exactly half-way between us? They are there October 8.
    PS Yes! I am extraordinarily glad I caught that day on video!

  4. Liz in Virginia said,

    My urchins have been pestering me to go to the concert — it’s very near us. Harrisburg is about 2.5 hours north of me — it must be a longer distance for you?!?

    You sound like more of a true junkie than I am — though the “Robin Hood” info has been stored away! I just love their music like nobody’s business.

  5. Liz in Virginia said,

    Mo — you are the nicest person I’ve never met! — xoxo

  6. Abby said,

    Great catch!

    We lived in Rochester NY for about 8 years and lake Ontario was like an ocean to us, being from Colorado! Now we’re back in Colorado. My husband and the kids love to fish, but it’s not the same in our little lakes around here.

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