Nightmare, or Mo Goes Goth

June 25, 2009 at 8:45 pm (Art)


In college I took a class in Printmaking from the fabulous Nathan Margalit.

One exercise we did involved creating intaglio etchings by pressing a random assortment of cloths and other objects onto the waxy surface painted over the metal plate. Then we dipped the plates into acid, which burned into the lines where the cloth had removed the wax. We were then challenged to look for images in the random patterns and work with the intaglio process to create something from the shapes and forms left behind. I created several odd pieces of art using this process, one of which is above and the other below.


I realize just how much this process influenced my creative side – especially the act of starting from the random and seeing what the subconscious dredges up.

In my continuing series of short movies based on songs from Kate Bush’s The Ninth Wave, I offer the below film “Nightmare” which makes use of my intaglios of long ago.


  1. Kathleen said,

    Welcome back Moth Man! As one who has some of your earliest art on my walls and in my heart, what is it I see you doing and developing in this deeply engaging series of short movies?

    In variations on a theme, the artist takes one melody or one image and then interprets and re-presents it through a series of different perspectives. The haystack stays constant, the interpretation shifts. This is more like two kaleidoscopes facing one another and the world.

    In the Kate Bush series of tonal poem-songs, her shifting lenses weave sounds, images, and words. Your shifting lenses add texture and possibility because they vary by content (cows, cars, kids), time (your past, your present), and medium (live footage and remixed film/ and now graphic images). In each installment, you give each kaleidoscope ring a twist. We can look through Bartlett-art at Bush-art and at Bush-art through Bartlett-art. And we are drawn to look through the co-mingled layers at our world, our lives, our selves.

  2. Kathleen said,

    Just reread that. It appears I am auditioning to write your book jackets or your reviews! Of course, I was your first audience and fan!! Love for all you are and all you are becoming.

  3. sher said,

    kathleen….can you review me/my art . . . will give you quotes on the blog . . . seriously, I need somebody to tell me what the heck I do. and why. and how.

    and maureen – I love and miss you so much.

    I am so sad today and miss the blog tonight so badly.

    your videos make me cry and cry. it is good, but that which I try to keep buried.

  4. Kathleen said,

    Sher –
    I am immersing myself again in your wonderful art. Review and encouragement forthcoming!!

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