and THIS is Joy ….

May 9, 2009 at 3:43 pm (Family, Farming, God)


  1. AuntK said,

    Oh my fierce,
    deep (but not freaky),
    kindred Elliot:

    In the dark
    and the light
    and the joy
    of your dance,
    I saw…

    Going Up Dreams
    The Table of Plenty
    The Parkers and their Owls
    Nora, Morgan, Grace

    My soul spun
    round and round
    with you.

  2. Sher said,

    You have outdone yourself on this one Maureen – it is breathtaking. that is fabulous and romantic footage of Elliot . . .

    that is beauty and joy.

  3. Maureen said,

    Thanks, Sher! I was so excited for YOU to see it especially. Being around you – cyberly and in person, has woken up my long dormant artistic side. I am working on a series of Kate Bush Meets Maple Hill Farm

  4. Jenny said,

    Maureen, how beautiful. Magic.

  5. Vanessa said,

    I LOVED it and I’m not even a Kate Bush fan. Perfect music, perfect motion–I felt your love for your son by just watching. I can imagine why you like it so much.

    I’ve been reading the BBs all day and found your post about this. So glad I watched.

    P.S. I love the Swiss Miss makeover! : )

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